Spring Cleanouts

The spring clean out should be scheduled and performed before water temperatures reach 54 degrees F.  It provides a fresh clean start to a new season for the ponds ecosystem.  This simulates the normal flushing action that lakes fed by streams and rivers experience during snow melts and heavy spring rains.  Disappearing fountains are the perfect solution to the small space garden. They also make great entry way water features. We have a variety of decorative pieces available. Please contact us for additional options that include natural bubbling boulders and hand crafted stone and brass fountains.

To complete a Spring Clean Out we will:

    Drain your pond and remove twigs and debris
    Power wash algae on rocks, streams, and waterfalls
    Drain biofalls and skimmers
    Wash filter mats and skimmer nets
    Inspect and clean pumps
    Refill the pond, teplace filter mats and light bulbs if needed.
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