Water Gardens

Cape Fear Water Gardens designs and installs beautiful, self-contained, all natural water gardens. These water features consist of an ecosystem pond with a variety of options when it comes to streams and waterfalls. As Certified Aquascape Contractors, Cape Fear Water Gardens knows a pond must be installed properly in order for it to be the low maintenance, organic backyard paradise you long for. We know the key is working with Mother Nature and never against her!

Our water gardens are based on the principles of establishing a working ecosystem to do the bulk of the maintenance for us. A working ecosystem is established by determining the right combination of aquatic plants and fish for your water garden. We've taken out all the guess work and put together minimum plant requirements based on the size of your pond to make sure your plants are consuming excess nutrients and out competing the excessive growth of algae.

For your consultation please contact:

Drew Thorndyke, Owner of Cape Fear Water Gardens

drew@capefearwatergardens.com, 910-200-6053